A Magical New Approach to Music Instruction!

Whacky Wizards is a web-based instructional program to help elementary teachers introduce, increase and/or improve music instruction in their classrooms. It was developed as part of an award-winning graduate research project by Leo Brooks

We have a full suite of tutorials and lessons for teachers to start using Boomwhackers in their classes today!

The program is designed to help teachers make music in minutes with their students using an interactive white board (or SmartBoard) and Boomwhackers® percussion tubes.

Need Boomwhackers?

Kids Playing Boomwhackers with Screen
Photo by Clare Eggleston. Used with permission.

At the heart of the program are 3 apps that
each focus on a different aspect of musical learning

The Rhythm Tutor is a tool to help students understand and play basic rhythmic patterns. It can be used with Boomwhackers, other instruments, or even ‘found sounds’ like bottles and cans. 


The Whacky Looper takes the Rhythm Tutor to the next level, allowing students to play up to 8 rhythmic patterns at once, and easily create their own compositions

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 1.24.39 PM

The Song Wizard allows students to play along with a melody just by following the dropping ball that matches their Boomwhacker colour.

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$129.99 / Year
Standard Whacky Wizards Membership
Access to our library of tutorials
Member exclusive songs
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