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Additional Resources

These are a few websites that provide great resources for anyone working with Boomwhackers

Musication (Youtube)

“Musication” is a private channel from Jan Vink, music teacher in the Netherlands (Primary education). He creates visual play-alongs for boomwhackers, (body-) percussion and handbells for primary education.

Jan’s videos are AMAZING and are a one of the biggest inspirations for me to start this project. His Tetris theme video is one of my favourites.

Harvard THUD (YouTube)

THUD (The Harvard Union of Drummers) is student-run organization at Harvard College (yes, THAT Harvard).

The group plays everything percussive: drum set battles, arrangements of pop and classical music, original pieces on found instruments like plastic cups and chalkboards, drumming on buckets, and more. 

I love their videos because it shows that you can do almost anything with Boomwhackers, and it’s good music. Their Boomwhackers videos have been viewed millions of times. ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ is one of my favourites. 

Boomwhacker Storage Ideas

Boomwhacker Storage Piano Style
Photo by Mel Steiger. Used with permission.

I’m always amazed at the dedication of certain music teachers at maintaining their blogs. Some of them are things of beauty and wonder. Here are a number of excellent storage solutions for Boomwhackers. My favourite (pictured here) actually arranges the notes like a piano with black and white bins for the keys. Not required in most classrooms but definitely cool!

The Fun Music Company (Boomwhacker Beatz)

Boomwhacker Beatz Logo
Copyright the Fun Music Company Pty Ltd. Used with permission.

The Fun music Company from Adelaide, Australia has some fantastic resources for Boomwhackers in the classroom and was another inspiration for this project.


BoomPak Logo
Copyright Boompak, LLC. Used with permission.

Lisa and Kris Crunk are music Educators from Shelbyville, Tennessee. Their website is full of fantastic songbooks, accompaniment tracks, and resources for Boomwhackers and other elementary music. My favourite are the Boomwhacker Rules posters.

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