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Curricular Connections

The Whacky Wizards program helps users make ‘quick wins’
with elementary music curriculums.

One of the primary aims of the Whacky Wizards program is to help people feel confident about teaching music, particularly if they are not music specialists. One of the areas where this is most important is in making mandated music curriculums more accessible. This is done in 3 ways:

  1. We’ve done the work to make sure that the material we are presenting is built on a strong curricular foundation, so you don’t have to worry about it.

  2. The underlying philosophy of the program is to MAKE MUSIC FIRST. Connections to curriculum will emerge in natural ways during and after making the music.

  3. Connections to specific curricular objectives are clearly outlined in each tutorial and lesson.

Because we are based in Alberta, Canada, our curriculum is explicitly connected to this province’s Elementary Music Curriculum. However, the concepts and skills outlined in that curriculum are universal enough to make links to the curriculum of whatever jurisdiction you are in.  If you have any questions about how to find those connections, please don’t hesitate to Contact us!

For more information on Alberta’s Elementary Music Curriculum see the drop-down sections below.

Music Curriculum Overview

The Alberta Curriculum divides its objectives into two broad categories – General Learner Expectations (see box below) and Specific Learner Expectations

Specific Learner Expectations are further sub-divided into three categories – ConceptsSkills and Attitudes.

Concepts are divided into five Elements

  • rhythm  
  • melody
  • harmony 
  • form
  • expression.

Skills are divided into six Areas.

  • singing
  • playing instruments
  • listening
  • moving
  • reading (and writing)
  • creating

Concepts are taught though Skills. For example, students can learn about rhythm by singing, playing instruments, or moving.

Every is categorized and numbered in the curriculum. For example:

Concepts > rhythm > 4. There are strong and weak beats in music.


Skills > listening > 24. Identify major and minor chords. 

The curriculum builds from year. When a concept or skill is to be introduced in one grade level, the intention is for it to be further developed in subsequent years.

Most importantly, a consistent use of the program will allow students to meet the 
General Learner Expectations 
as outlined below:

Through the elementary music program, students will develop:

  • enjoyment of music
  • awareness and appreciation of a variety of music, including music of the many cultures represented in Canada
  • insights into music through meaningful musical activities
  • self-expression and creativity 
  • musical skills and knowledge

Each Whacky Wizards lesson highlights a number of Specific Learner Expectations.


While the target audience for Whacky Wizards is currently Grade 2 to 4, whenever any Specific Learner Expectations are included in a tutorial it will be noted. As such, some concepts may be included that are intended to be introduced in earlier grades, and others intended to be introduced later. 


The key thing to remember is that all concepts and skills in theAlberta Curriculum are meant to be revisited and enhanced from year to year. There is truly no bad time to introduce or explore these principles.


The primary focus will be to highlight Concepts. While any Learner Expectations in the Skills categories will be noted, because the program generally uses the same skills from lesson to lesson. 


There is a table on each tutorial page listing the specific Concepts covered in each elemental category. A list of Skills employed is also included. Each item in the table and on the list will be numbered and named as it appears in the Alberta Curriculum.


It is very important to note that the goal of the program is to make music first, so that these concepts are implicit rather than explicit. It’s much easier to teach a musical concept when you can frame it as something the students have been doing already without knowing it.


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